New York, New York

What I have to offer is... (be specific)

I am wholesaling for other investors who want to save time on researching the market and finding deals. I will ask you in depth about your needs and goals and timelines so that I can find the deals that best meet your needs. I am not doing fly-by-night deals. I am more focused on creating long-term relationship with you that that we can enrich each other as friends and investors. If I can help you then I will help you. If I cannot help you, then I will see if I can find another person who better fit your plans, but I will do my damnest to see that you get some bang out of your time.

What I am looking for is... (be specific)

I am looking to make new friends and to form many win-win relationship with other investors in wholesaling for the next 12 months. My goal is to set up my real estate business as a LLC and to wholesale at least 3 properties to create solid cash reserve for future investing in multifamily units. I will also be seeking a mentor who is willing to help me be the very best and most professional investor that people will enjoy working with.