Complete rehab needed.  If you know Trenton, you know this area is Old Trenton, the target of much multifamily development (Pennrose Properties, Isles Housing, Stockton Arms, etc.)  as well as an area targeted to become an arts district.  

Rule of thumb proforma:  Rent $1000/unit x 10 units x 12 months = $120,000.  Vacancy allowance= 10% = 12,000.  Net revenue= $108,000.   Taxes= -$11000, Insurance -$3000, Property management= 4%=-$7200  Repair and maintenance 10%= -$12000  proforma NOI= 74,800  

Apply a 10 cap to this= holy cow= $748,000 after repositioning.

Apply a wholesale multiplier of 0.6= $448,800 - fixup costs of 200,000 (20K/unit)= $248,000.

1st offer of 248K takes it, otherwise best offer.


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  • We are a DIRECT Short-term lender that extends 70-75% LTC financing on multifamily (no unit limit) for purchase, rehab and stabilization so that the property can then be refinanced.

  • So friends, I am not seeing interest, so I am making a dramatic price cut.   Is this more interesting at $160K OBO?

    By the way, this is not a contract assignment- I own this building free and clear, maybe wholesaling isn't the proper term.

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