• Hey guys

    Just an update. We realize that technically the Options expire relatively soon and some of you have expressed concerns about the deadline. No worries. We had a few setbacks and i want you all to know that Nick WANTS you all to make money. He will extend the option for you guys, so please do not stop your marketing efforts searching for your buyers.

    I will get you guys updates as i get them myself once the tenants are in place


    Also, for those who inquired, at the current time we are NOT offering any type of owner financing. IF this changes in the future, we will let you all know.


    Hope all is well

  • Nick,

            When I asked you whether you will allow Seller Financing on the balance if the Buyer pays 25% down payment, you replied that  "We won't be open to doing Seller Finacial unless the buyer pays more for the property." My follow-up question is: "How much more? -- is it like paying at least 50% of sales price before you will do Seller Financing?  If so, what are the terms? Interest rate, duration or term, etc?

            Or, would you rather NOT do  the Seller financing, but would allow conventional financing from the bank or other lender’ sources?

            Whichever answer you choose, please give me a "DEFINITE answer" because my Buyers are waiting for your answer about Seller Financing?

  • For Rosalind Cheng, and others, file converter resource.


    • Ezra, Thanks a lot for the file converter resource.

  • Hey Nick, When putting a property under contract as 'purchaser' are we putting our own names or our llc/trust name?

    And how do we put our llc as the purchaser if the llc doesnt exist yet - as we are told to create an llc for that particular property...ie '123 jay street llc.'

  • Hi Randy, this is Ezra. May I get the lock box code for the Coatsville, PA property? I have an interested buyer as mentioned prior. You can send me a private message

    • This reply was deleted.
  • Hey Nick,

    Thanks for ARV and all info. I am well aware that this deal is targeted for only direct buyers. However, someone that is interested in the Church St PA property claims to work with a network of wholesalers but would like to proceed because he assures me that he would be the direct buyer to buy, keep and rehab property. Should we send over an option agreement for sole exclusive rights to buy? I also requested a proof of funds before we can proceed and waiting for him to respond to my email. When he responds what is the best approach with these kind of people? Let me know if the option agreement is ok to send over to this client? Thanks Nick.

  • Rosalind
    See nicks previous post

    The property is currently vacant and a tenant should be in place on the 1st
  • Nick,

     Is the property in Church St. currently occupied and if so, how long have the tenants been there? How much is the rent and for how long is the lease agreement? Please reply.

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